Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Today's project: painting baby's room. This means we got to visit Joey's favorite place on the planet: Home Depot.

Since Grayson is now insulted by shopping carts, and thinks he is waaay too big for one of THOSE, he was on foot (i.e. we chased him a lot.) But, most of the time, he strutted next to his daddy like a little rooster.Grayson thought all the rollers and tools were for him. "OH COOOOL!" he would declare over and over.For the nursery, we decided to paint the walls hot pink. It's going to pop against the white trim. It will all come together once we have everything added. I can't WAIT to show you pictures as we add furniture, a zebra print rug (if we can find one!), and all the wall decor.Despite the blazing temperature outside, Grayson INSISTED we go to the park today. So, since life isn't ALL work, we had to make time to play. But I didn't play. This pregnant lady sat on a bench eating chewy Jolly Ranchers. Like they were being discontinued. I immediately regretted this. Tums anyone?

Thought For the Day: I hope you're having a productive, yet relaxing weekend as well.


Monica said...

Love the nursery theme!!! :)

Mommy's Shoes said...

Can't wait to see the finished nursery!!! I know I have recently seen a zebra rug that wasn't too spendy.....I WILL think of it and get back to you. That pic of G and your hubby is precious :)