Monday, April 18, 2011

THE Paramedic Party - See Photos Here

So last summer my brother became an EMSA paramedic...Thus we threw the kid a Paramedic Party where we all had to dress up! (Last week, I promised I'd show you these pictures after my brother's ambulance themed birthday bash.)I made this sign out of bandaids...not exactly the funnest task at 11 p.m.No party is fit to be thrown without props.My sister made Timmy the cutest first aid kit...And she made sure that he had some Hero Drink! You'll have to ask Allison where she found such an appropriate thirst-quencher. ;)I think I can safely say that this party didn't flatline.Thought For the Day: A little bit of creativity can make up for not spending a ton of money on a party. Plus, it's more fun!

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