Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No More Nebulizer??

So, Grayson's had an upper respiratory infection. (When we went to the doctor last Tuesday, our pediatrician said he was on the verge of pneumonia). Although, you'd never know it from these pictures taken in the waiting room.If you're wondering why the kiddo is in motion, it's because HE NEVER STAYED STILL. His prescriptions have him bouncing off the walls.I joke that giving him his breathing treatments is like taking him to the hookah lounge, because afterward he's reeeeeally hyped up. But, he's doing well now, which is an answer to prayer. We're not totally off the nebulizer - we'll give him only one treatment 3 days a week (compared to the 4x per day this last week!)

Thought For the Day: This hot, dry, WINDY weather in Oklahoma is making everybody miserable!

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Mommy's Shoes said...

OMG. Our similarities are getting scary!! That is our doctor's office too!! And we were just there on Friday and have been doing neb treatments 3 X a day since. Wow. So glad I found you friend :)