Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Hard Day's Fight

Today, we discovered IT. Grayson's food allergy.

Egg, beans and nuts.

I feel so enlightened and hopeful for his future. Will we eradicate his eczema? I can only pray.

We got up extra early to be at the Oklahoma Asthma and Allergy Clinic. Can you tell Joey was a bit tired?There was a lot of waiting time in a small room. Grayson was b-o-r-e-d.There was also a testing procedure that I wasn't prepared for. I opted not to show you pictures, for it was very emotional for me to watch him get pricked on his back to see what he reacted to.

I didn't want to put go through with it, but after 2 years of watching Grayson be miserable, we had to know how to improve his quality of life.

If we can tackle this allergy, (and the fear of the toddler bed before baby arrives), I will be so overjoyed.

Thought For the Day: Kids are resilient, often times more than parents.


aidkaid19 said...

thats the worst :( hope he is all around better soon!!

katandkarl said...

so glad you found something! and glad you made it through the testing... sheesh.

I have a blogger friend w/ a daughter w/ food allergies. She writes a specific blog about it here: if you are interested in checking it out!