Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girl Power

Have you ever had coworkers that became your good friends outside of work? Well, me too! My dear friend, Lindsay, visited from Tulsa just to hang out with Debbie and me. Of course, we opted for some mexican food at Teds.Even though none of us work together anymore, I'm so thankful that I still have Lindsay and Debbie in my life. We always manage to laugh the night away. I came home and immediately put on my stretchy pants, because I ate way too much. But I can't blame my 22 week baby bump on the enchiladas! Thought For the Day: Never underestimate the power of a night out with your girl friends. It's like re-charging your batteries.

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Lindsay Erin said...

OMG. I got a post. I feel so special. Sorry it took me a few days to check all my blogs. I enjoyed seeing you so much! You are both so special to me.