Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Finds!!

Today, I only went to two garage sales, but they were really good ones! My first purchase was this adorable carseat that came with the base for only $7.50. Holy coconuts, right? (Next time I'll try not to take pictures with my phone. So dark.)The baby is not real, by the way. My neighbor gave it to me as a joke when she found out I was having a girl. We use her as practice to show Grayson he's having a sister. Today, he put her in his highchair. :)I've been wanting a little backpack for G, so I no longer have to stuff all his belongings in my purses. This was just perfect for $1.He really likes it, which is fun for me.

Thought For the Day:One of the biggest "highs" is finding a good deal!


Monica said...

Love, LOVE the Dr. Seuss backpack!!! I want one!! That is cool that you use a babydoll as a visual for Grayson!

Lindsay Erin said...

I like that you said you don't have to put his stuff in your "purses" anymore. Haha, not one purse for my Meredith. Love you!