Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Finds!!

Oh, garage sales. How I love thee. Despite the strong, gusting winds, I braved the weather and found some great items for Baby Garrett.I thought these shoes were pretty versatile with outfits, so I splurged. I can't tell if they've ever been worn, and they were only $1 each!Can you even get over this little thing?Of course, I couldn't leave out Buddy. I love finding him educational puzzles, and he likes 'em too (demonstrated here as I was trying to take the picture.)And while I'm not hugely into politics, I couldn't pass up this bib. I love it. AND, (I know you don't care about this but) I got it at the garage sale being held by my old elementary school best friend, Abby, whom I haven't seen since the 3rd grade when she moved away!!! Reunited!Thought For the Day: What will you find at your local garage sales? Keep an open mind and hit the pavement.

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