Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eczema Update........Gluten's Not To Blame

A few weeks ago, I posted some info about Grayson's struggle with his eczema. We tried doing a gluten free diet to see if his skin improved...but it didn't. At all. Luckily, we visited one of our dermatologists, and she confirmed that gluten wasn't causing his outbreaks. But, she recommended a place where we could professionally test any possible food allergies that may be contributing to his eczema.

Hopefully, this will prove effective and we will gain some serious insight. Buddy's (that's what I call Grayson a lot) skin only marginally improved due to the antibiotic prescribed for his staff infection, which he got from scratching all the sores/scabs. But, at the very least, now he doesn't scratch too much when we put him down to sleep. It's a lot easier now - hooray!!!

So April 27th is the big day - we'll go to the allergist and pray for some helpful results. I just hope it's not too hard on my son. The lady said we'd be there for a couple hours. Being ANYWHERE for a couple hours with a 2 yo is just bonkers.

Thought For the Day: Thank you to my readers who sent helpful advice and thoughts my way - particularly Misty Davis and Robin Munger, who went above and beyond!

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