Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attack Of The Toddler Bed...And Door Knob.

Please accept my sincere apologies for not telling you sooner that, last week, we transitioned Grayson into a toddler bed. (It matches the sports theme in his room. So adorable!)I was very apprehensive about this change. Would he stay asleep? Would he get up and play?

Well, his sleeping patterns didn't change, and he LOVED the bed...

Until he didn't. And I don't know why! He didn't want to sleep in his bed last night.

Then, at 4:00 this morning, I heard a thump in his room. (Joey and I think Grayson hit the headboard with his hands in order to jump up.) Grayson was balling, as if in fear.

I ran down the hallway and saw that his light was on and he was banging the door - trying to get it open and run out. It was like a scene out of Poltergeist or something! I was terrified. (Anytime your kiddo turns on the lights at 4 am, it's alarming.)G was shaking and was soaking wet. To make a long story short, I finally got him back down at 6:30 am. (The story gets weirder, but I'll stop there.)

Needless to say, I was exhausted this morning. BUT, I vowed not to let him nap so that he'd be tired tonight.

So we played a lot. I even broke out the sidewalk chalk. Then we played in the backyard. That's when Grayson shut the back door and, to my dismay, the "thing" on the door knob latched.

We were locked out.

I was in no position to go looking for help. I looked like this: (the face is cut out to protect the dignity of the person shown.)Fortunately, my brother had a house key of mine and came to my rescue 20 minutes later. YAY!!!

Sigh. And that was all before noon.

Thought For the Day: Life is unpredictable. I'm learning to be more flexible...And to carry more spare keys.

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