Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's In Your Handshake?

A handshake is like an apple. The firmer, the better. (I just made that up. I'm on FIRE tonight!)

While I'm poking a little fun at myself, I am actually being honest. I really appreciate a firm handshake - from both men and women. A lot can be communicated in just that 3 second gesture: Confidence, self-assurance, or a lack thereof.

Have you ever shaken a male's hand, and it was like shaking a dead fish? Bad news, guys. While I don't recommend a bone-crushing grip, I think it's best to keep it more firm than not, dudes. I'm not a handshake expert. (Is there even such a thing??) But, here are Meredith's Tips of the Day:

~Don't overshake my hand, please. I'd like to keep my arm attached to my body. I use that arm to eat with, and to put in my contacts.~No need to CONTINUE shaking my hand for more than a few seconds. Have you ever experienced that awkward situation where the other person won't let go of the handshake while they talk to you? Unnecessary.

~Just because you're a female, it doesn't mean you have to offer me your "puppet hand". Make your hand into a puppet where the thumb touches all four fingertips and you'll know what I mean. This just results in us shaking puppets, not hands.

~Practice shaking someone's hand right now. Have them be honest about what your handshake conveys. Wouldn't you rather hear it from them then have someone think it?

~Make direct eye contact. This is a big deal!

And there you have it, folks. Happy handshaking to you!

Thought For the Day: So much of communication is non-verbal. Look for ways to tell people that you are (as Charlie Sheen so eloquently put it) a rockstar from Mars.

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Allison White said...

Not only are you on FIRE tonight but you must have tiger blood!! You have a good firm handshake for sure. I should work on mine.