Monday, March 14, 2011

What Did Kids Say About My Author Visit?

One of my favorite things is receiving mail (other than bills). So, last Friday, I was so overjoyed when the mother of all packages arrived from Central Elementary School. My heart was truly warmed.

Remember my recent post regarding my author visit on Dr. Seuss's birthday? (You can read about it here.)

This particular package included about 40-50 thank you letters from students at that school. While Grayson played outside, I sat on a bench and read all of the letters.

While they were all wonderful, I picked some of the cutest and/or funniest ones to share with you. You may have to click on the actual picture to read them clearly. Enjoy!!Captain Dorito, eh? I'll be on the lookout for that comic book!According to Olivia, I rock!Finally-I have a biggest fan. ;)This little one listened to what I had to say. That meant a lot to me.Tara, your book is exactly the kind I was writing when I was your age. Keep it up!

Thought For the Day:Mark Twain said, "I can live for two months on the power of a good compliment." Can't we all? What positive thing can you say to someone today?

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