Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...So I Got On The Treadmill

Then I got right back off. Because my bladder was full. (When is it not these days?)

Once I actually stayed on the treadmill, I took this picture. I had to prove to myself that I had finally gotten back on after 4-5 months!I'm surprised I still knew which buttons to press.

Yesterday was my monthly doctor appointment. I've gained 5 lbs so far this pregnancy, and I'm halfway there (19 weeks and 5 days).

BUT, I'm trying to gain less weight than I did with Grayson, which was 41 lbs.

I'm not obsessing, and it's not like I'm going to suppress any cravings. (God forbid I go without my Taco Bell.) I'm just going to do my best to walk more. Joey even joined me during my "workout". And by joining me, I mean he bounced his backside like a Chip-n-Dales dancer to my music.

It gets worse.

He proudly said, "Look! I'm doing zumba!" (Gulp) SURE you are, honey. (This picture was taken in motion.)Thought For the Day: Working out can often be easier when you have a motivating partner. Thankfully, Joey is mine.

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katandkarl said...

I also hit the treadmill this week. It felt so strange. I can't wait until this stupid rain/cold passes so I can walk the neighborhood!!