Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Power Of A Creme Saver

Weird title. Interesting story. During my junior year in college, it was movie night with my Chi Omega sorority sisters. We were seeing Maid In Manhattan at the dollar theater, which was great because that's about all I had in my checking account!So...All the girls were going to get snacks before the previews started. One friend asked me, "you getting anything?"

I hollered down the aisle. "No, I can't. I only have .40 cents to my name!"

All the girls piled out of the theater as I eyed the blank screen. That's when I heard, "PSSST!"

Excuse me?

Then, in THE raspiest voice, a lady resembling Maxine hollered from a few rows back. "PSSST! Hey. Forty Cents."

Apparently, I was Forty Cents in this conversation. (Perhaps that's my future name as a rapper.)She continued. "You wanna a creme saver?"

Ummm. Not particularly. Yet, I accepted.

But I did not eat it. I mean, look at the old thing. YES - this is the exact piece she gave me. And, yes, I kept it. Why?

Because, as I sat there, poor and sad that I couldn't eat some gummy bears during the sappy movie, I thought, "one day, I'm going to have WAY more than just .40 cents! When I'm financially secure, I'm going to keep this as a reminder of how far I've come! Go me!"

So, I still have the creme saver, and despite how the Lord has blessed me, I don't know that I'll ever get rid of it.

After all, when I'm wildly famous, I'll need to stay grounded, right??? ;-)

Thought For the Day: What tokens do you have to inspire you or to remind you how far you've come?

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oh I just loved this!