Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Perfect Party For Paula

Don't you love it when you get to go to cool, new places that you never knew about until someone invited you? I do!

Tonight my best friend, Amy (whom I get to see but twice a year), was in town to throw her mother, Paula, a surprise birthday party. The event took place at the Oh! Space. The Oh! Space is a remodeled two-story house in the arts district of downtown OKC. The owner rents it out for events like the one tonight, and he also shoots a lot of photography there. It's, like, the coolest place EVER!It's so open and spacious, boasting copious amounts of room for larger parties. See for yourself.Now it's time for the pregnant lady to talk about the spread. OMG. See that bow-tie pasta? Um...I wanted to get a fork and sit down with the entire bowl placed in my lap. I managed to only go back for seconds. Paula is such a wonderful woman. I think she was truly surprised tonight when she walked in the house. One thing was for sure - we all had a fun time!Well...not everyone. SOMEONE was acting like a bobcat. ;)And while Grayson was having a little too much fun reaching for everything breakable, Daddy was getting exhausted. (I love that hat on you, Joey!)No worries. We drove separately so that Mommy could enjoy a night with her dear friends. What a memorable time I had. :) Thanks, Horabins, for the tasty food, unique venue, and great company.

Thought For the Day: Not many things in life trump time spent with family and friends.

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Allison White said...

You and Amy look so good!!