Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Cotton Candy Hair-don't

To my dismay, my hair dryer broke. I discovered this AFTER I had taken a shower, and was preparing to blow dry my hair at 10:30 last night.

Knowing I'd have to sleep on wet hair, I wasn't very happy. Especially due to the fact that my hair dryer is less than 6 months old. (The longevity of this dryer is dreadful.)

I felt like I had seaweed on my head throughout the night. And, after I managed to comb out the mess this morning, my hair looked like cotton candy!! Normally, I wouldn't share such unattractive pictures with you. But, I thought it might brighten your day to see me with such a mess on my head. As if last night wasn't burdensome enough, I kept having pregnancy dreams about eating a plate of Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell.

I kept waking up in hopes that it was time to go get some. Seaweed hair and dreams of nachos. Last night was a disaster.

But, what do you think I did this morning at 10:15?

I was in the drive-thru of Taco Bell ordering my Nachos Bell Grande! Dreams really do come true!I ate the whole thing...Half ashamed, half delighted.

Thought For the Day: I hope your hair is looking better than mine, and your cravings are a little more healthy as well.


Mommy's Shoes said...

I'm just happy to hear that you can eat nachos bell grande without hurling!! Woo hoo for pregnancy progress!!

Lindsay Erin said...

I love you Mere. You make me smile. have a great week!