Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Did The Garage Sale Go?

Depends on the day. It's amazingly annoying how much the weather dictates the success of a garage sale. We were at the mercy of the sun (or lack thereof). Friday High Points:
~We made exactly $300 by 3:00!
~It was sunny. I even got a bit sunburned.
~My good friend, Aimee, paid me a visit!! She was on her way home from work, saw a garage sale sign, and KNEW it had to be mine (let's just say I have a certain "flair" for all things sign-making). So, she took a chance on stopping by, and we were pleasantly surprised to see each other!!Friday Low Points:
~When you host a garage sale with just one other woman, and you're trying to watch three children ages 2 and under, be prepared for some stress. By about 2:45, the kids needed naps and they were having meltdowns. My sister and I had to shut things down. Apparently, an older man was ANGRY that we were "wasting people's gas" by not "staying open until 7 pm." He had the audacity to yell at my sister as she pushed her two small children to her car!!

When she told him that he clearly had some anger problems, he told her to have some respect.

For whom? Crotchety, old men who lash out at women for having to close a garage sale early? I'll just say that Allison wittingly won the argument.

Saturday High Points:
~We hauled off all the "leftovers" to the Goodwill. No more stuff cluttering our garage!
~We made $75 by noon - a huge success considering the weather, in addition to the fact we sold almost everything for $1 or less! Saturday Low Points:
~The weather was dreadful, so a lot of people stayed home (and I don't blame them). By noon, it was misting and about 40 something degrees. Yuck!

What's Up With That?:
I lost count of the number of shoppers who asked if our ceramic pot was for sale. No. Do I come to your garage sale and ask to buy your mailbox? No. 'Nuff said.
Thought For the Day:Well, it's all said and done. For some reason, my calves are extremely sore. I have no reason why. The extra cash is going towards baby/nursery costs, and we had a good time.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Friday would be a good day! How could you go wrong with such fabulous advertising!!!! And it was such a treat to see you. When you get some time, you will have to tell me how to "choose an identity" when I comment. There are so many options! - Aimee :o)