Saturday, March 19, 2011

Author Retreat/Mommy's Night Out

Don't you love retreating? Even if it simply means going to Barnes & Noble? Getting out of the house for some Me Time (and wearing heels) is a luxury these days, so I was excited to spend this evening with my friend, Robin Munger.

The fabulous RM is a fellow children's book author, and we became fast friends after meeting at a book signing last July.

We decided to get together and talk writing projects, trends, etc., and we called it our 2011 Spring Annual Author Retreat! Wow - we are so legitimate, right?? Sorry, our topics were top secret.;) And who knows, maybe next year we'll go someplace more glamourous than a bookstore.

By 10:15, we were yawning and called it a night. After all, we had to get home to our husbands who had no idea we were gone in the first place! (Joey didn't move once from the Big Chair while I was out. Thanks, March Madness, for keeping him company.)

Thought For the Day: Cheers to retreats! Where can you and your friends retreat to soon, all in the name of purposeful goal setting, etc.?

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Mommy's Shoes said...

Had a great time friend!! And how productive were we??? I'm impressed with us.