Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 Things I Did Today

1. Officially became the Lawn Monitor in my husband's absence.

Joey would have been SO proud of me for a) watering his newly-seeded fescue b) telling a painter to move his truck so I COULD water our newly-seeded fescue and c) nicely asking our mailman if he could stop walking across the grass, as he has blazed a trail across our yard. So I ask myself...what has Joey done to me??I guess when you re-sod your ENTIRE LAWN WITH YOUR BARE HANDS, you don't want your money and sweat to go to waste.

2) Enjoyed some mexican food from Ted's. In my car. In the backseat with my son.

Yes, I'm a crazy pregnant lady who was craving delicious mexican food. I ordered a meal and a set-up to go, but I could NOT wait to get home to eat. I devoured it in the car. Not my finest moment. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

3) Watched Grayson eat his first full apple by himself. I always cut up his apples. Today, he just grabbed one and sat in his Barney chair.
Thought For the Day: I did other, more productive things today, too. Like take Buddy to his dermatologist appointment, met my sibs for lunch and a playdate, etc. Soon, I'll be crossing Garage Sale off my list!

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