Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Know You're Pregnant When...

1) Your eyes fill with tears when someone wins the prize puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

2) You put only pickles on the menu for dinner. Sorry, hubby.3) You contemplate wearing adult diapers to bed because, frankly, you're sick of getting up three times every night to pee.

4) Your ambitious list of goals starts resembling a list of things you'll never get to in this lifetime.

5) Not a day goes by that you don't feel like Roseanne Barr. And you always feel like laying on that old couch with the gross afghan. 6) You consider it a full day's work if the house gets vacuumed or a load of laundry gets washed.

7) You could eat a horse, and his saddle, and his horse friends. Although, it won't please your appetite and you'll just end up eating pickles in the end. Thought For the Day: You know you're pregnant when you make a list entitled, "You Know You're Pregnant When..."


Allison White said...

This made me laugh out loud because I totally understand!!! For some reason being pregnant made hug people a lot. I didn't hug strangers or anything but when you hug the pastor at church like he's family or something it isn't normal!!!!

Fired Up said...

Thank you for making me want a pickle at 6:59am!!!

Adult Diapers said...

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