Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today Went "Well"

Today was Grayson's two year well visit, which meant he was going to get his MMR shot.

Here he is relaxing before we left. Obviously, he didn't know what awaited him. At the pediatrician's office, he made sure to break in every chair possible. He would climb in each chair and say, "So cool!"Once he was weighed and measured (and after I chased him around the half of the offices), we went to the little room and waited some more. I couldn't get him to stand still for a picture, as he was very hyper. He was practically moonwalking around in his socks. Then the shots happened. : ( His eyes questioned me, saying, "Mama? Why did you bring me here? Get me outta here!!"

A sucker made it all better. And so did a long afternoon nap.

Thought For the Day: What a blessing to have a healthy child - something that I should never take for granted.

P.S. Today I got my chicken dinner. And? Blah. Even a chicken dinner wouldn't wake up my taste buds. Sigh.

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