Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Update From Casa de Garrett

Today Grayson and I finally left the house. The last time we saw the outside world was Sunday after church!

Well, after being snowed in for four days, it was beginning to feel a bit like The Shining. Then, today I was rescued. Not by a telepathic old man on a snowmobile like in the movie. Help came in the form of my sister and her unstoppable Plymouth!

Free at last! And where did we go?

To get a brown bag special from Sonic. Not exactly healthy, but nearby. Plus, a hamburger sounded delicious after being stuck inside with my rations.

I should note that my Escape is incredibly well-suited for this kind of weather. Therefore, Joey has been driving it to work and leaving his Dodge Ram in the driveway.

Sigh. I think we're ALL ready for nicer weather.My heart is breaking for Arrow and Coco, the two unattended horses who live in Bethany - roaming freely in a field with absolutely NO shelter from the snow or extreme temperatures.

This picture was taken last summer.They are hungry, with no food to eat because of the snow. :( Shame on their owners (I don't think they even live close by). I view this as animal cruelty, and find it absolutely despicable.

I sent some carrots with my sister to feed them on her way home.

She reported that they looked hungry and wretched, standing by the road in hopes of someone stopping by.

Thought For the Day: Pray for Arrow and Coco!


Misty said...

Call the animal control and report it - - - or call a local large animal veterinarian and have them report it. My husband is a veterinarian and would be so sad to know that there are animals suffering without being reported. If you think it's animal cruelty, it's better to fall on the side of caution. I'm sure you would do the same for a child . . .it's no different because the victim can't ask for help them self.

Sarah Stone said...

That makes me so sad about those horses. We live right down the road from them! I'll be stopping by with carrots soon. They were wandering around their pasture this morning when we drove to work. Matt even made the comment that it was strange they didn't have those horse blanket coat things! And I agree with the other person, if you are able to call animal control you should!! Maybe someone at neel vet could help. or call Scott Hines at channel 4's in your corner!!

Allison White said...

I have been stopping by with snacks and I've seen other people doing the same thing. It is obvious to everyone that this situation isn't right. I'm just glad that people in the area are helping.