Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Streamers Everywhere!

My husband always manages to surprise me each Valentine's Day. Today was no exception.

We always make a pact not to spend money on each other, so we have to be really creative.

But, creative wasn't the word that came to mind this morning when I walked in the living room and saw red streamers going from my curtains to the ceiling to the lamps to get the idea.

I felt like a jewel thief bending and contorting through red laser beams as I walked through the living room to hurry and let the dogs out.

Then, there were the hearts. I didn't take pictures of them all, but here are a few. Joey definitely made me smile today.Don't worry, he got a valentine from me too. I debated jumping out of a cake for him, but that thought quickly passed.

What didn't pass was my desire for mexican food. So, I celebrated the love for my family (and for chicken enchiladas) by meeting Allison and Timmy for lunch. We loved our heart shaped sopapillas!

Thought For the Day: I hope today you celebrated a relationship with someone you love - be that with your spouse, family member, friend or pet!

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