Friday, February 18, 2011

Popcorn Fridays

Remember when you were in elementary school and Friday's were SUPER cool because you got popcorn?

Today as I entered Kelley Elementary for an author visit, I was overwhelmed by that smell of popcorn being popped in the nearby cafeteria. "I haven't experienced popcorn Fridays since the fifth grade!" I declared to the faculty member helping me sign in.

I was soon whisked away to three first grade classrooms, where I had a fun time reading my book to the kids. The principal even took the time to sit through my first presentation. Thanks, Mrs. Engle!

Two hours later, as I was leaving, the nice lady that had helped me sign in hurried after me outside and handed me something.It was a bag of popcorn! I thought it was so thoughtful, I hugged her!

Moments later, I ripped the little bag open, and it was the same salty, yellow popcorn which I remembered from grade school. (I took a picture of the half-eaten stuff once I got home.)

Thought For the Day: There's something so magical about being in an elementary school. The smells, sounds and sights all take me back to my youth.

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