Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Bowl Runneth Over

Ever had one of those days?

You of those days when you get sprayed in the face with toilet water?

I felt like MR. Mom today when I was flushing the toilet and it overflowed. I was WAY outside my comfort zone.

Now, I'm not one to normally panic in stressful situations. But, panic I did. Water was going everywhere! (Thank God I was wearing my tall black boots so that my feet weren't getting soaked.)I was turning the water off, but it wasn't stopping. (I now know I gave up before I should have. Lesson. Learned.) I then made the mistake of taking off the toilet lid and trying to pull something (like the flap) to do ANYTHING to make the water stop. This just sprayed water all over my face, my clothes, the pictures on the wall, the shower curtain...I mean, I could NOT believe this was my life.

Well, I finally turned off the water and then soaked up the flood in a quilt of towels. A phone call to Joey may or may not have been made somewhere in all the madness.

Let's just summarize with this: we'll be fixing the problem as soon as possible.

Thought For the Day: It rained outside this morning, and it poured inside my house as well. Sometimes, you just have to laugh through the frustrating times. Once the messes are cleaned up, that is.

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