Monday, February 21, 2011

Loving Your Love Handles

Yes. I'm going to "go there."

I'm going to briefly talk about women and weight. And getting over hating our bodies.

Women are plate-spinners. We do EVERYTHING for our kids, our families, bosses, friends and pets. And a lot of the time, we suffer in the meantime.

A lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. So does stress. Guess what else contributes to weight gain? Having babies! Good Lord in Heaven!!After I had Grayson, I did Weight Watchers and got down below my pre-pregnancy weight. But, that didn't last forever because I realized I could no longer survive off of air and unbuttered popcorn. Then, I had a mom-piphany.

It's OKAY if my hips are wider now. It's OKAY if I'm not the size I was when I got married. I've carried a life inside my body, and if the price I pay for that is a few stretch marks and a changed shape, then I welcome that. (There's my greatest treasure!)Of course, I do want to stay healthy and live an active life. (I think, deep down, we ALL want that for ourselves.)


Let's stop being so hard on ourselves. We're fabulous. Love handles and all.

Thought For the Day: A confident woman turns heads, not just a gal that's a size 2.

Side Note: If you're interested, check out the website The Shape of a Mother for real life moms and their thoughts on their bodies. Beware, their candidness can be a bit graphic. :/

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