Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grayson Turns 2! Party Pics Seen Here.

Grayson Mitchell Garrett. (Mitchell is my mother's maiden name.) Born February 6, 2009. 8 lbs. 22 inches long. There I am before I delivered. (My mom always points out how huge I was. Although I gained 41 pounds with him, I don't think I was THAT big. I'm like, mom, I was more than 39 weeks pregnant. Give me a break!)I remember being very upset that I didn't get to experience "the car ride" to the hospital. I went in for my checkup and wasn't allowed to go home - I was in early labor.

My bags weren't packed, I hadn't said 'bye to the dogs and, most importantly, I hadn't eaten since 2 p.m. and I was starving!!

Fast forward to now. Hooray, I am 12 weeks pregnant with another baby! The kids will be 2.5 years apart, which is what Joey and I wanted all along.

Tonight we celebrated Grayson's birthday by having over my sister and her family, my parents and Joey's parents. We ordered pizzas, made a cake and decorated the house. Nothing fancy, but memories don't have to be fancy. Just meaningful. :) Elmo was the guest of honor!Grayson was really sensitive and clingy because he decided he wasn't going to nap today (of ALL days)! To make things a bit more stressful, I was feeling extremely sick today - doing the best I could to play hostess without throwing up Tums.

Mission accomplished. :)

One fun thing we did was have people make predictions about Grayson's future profession. What's yours? Guess what my mom put down? Paleontologist! She is too funny! This little sheet of predictions/favorite memories will go in his baby book. Thought For the Day: Happy Birthday to my angel, Grayson. Mama loves you so much!!!


Allison White said...

Grayson's party was awesome!!! It's so hard to believe that he is 2. I'm sad that the time goes by so quickly. Happy Birthday to my sweet favorite little nephew!!! P.S. Mere you looked great when you were pregnant with G. You look great now too by the way!!!

Ashley said...

Grayson is so handsome!! I don't get to see his picture nearly enough, he is so big! I think you looked great on your delivery day! Don't you love moms? Mine always points out how quickly she lost all of her baby weight, while here I am 8 months post partum and still have 20lbs hanging on. Thanks mom! I'm so happy for you guys and baby #2 on the way!

robin.munger said...

Yay!! Baby announcement!! I LOVE it! So happy for you friend. And still a little dumbstruck at how similar we are....Just had Barrett's 2nd birthday party....Elmo. Hello?? Hope your sicky passes soon!