Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Power of a White Board

When it comes to goals, I'm visual. I like to put things in writing, where I can see them.

It's a constant reminder of what I set out to do.

In my office, I have a white board hanging on the wall next to my treadmill (that I REALLY need to get on).

This particular white board is dedicated solely to tracking my debt. All of it. From my mortgage to any medical bills.There it is. Nothing glamorous. (I have conveniently blurred out all of the line items. While I like to be open with you, I'm not THAT open.)

You can see there are columns; All the line items are on the far left and then there is a debt column and a monthly payment column.

I also list projects and motivating quotes. I look at this every day, and I update it a lot. I couldn't be more excited that I'll have my Escape paid off in March!!!!! Trust me - two car payments and a mortgage eats up A LOT of our monthly income.

I love white boards...and organizing tools...and sharpened pencils - oh my God, it's all too much. I must stop.

Thought For the Day: We all want to get out of debt. Although money is the biggest part of making this happen, organizing your debt and having a budget is also integral to reaching your financial goals.

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Amanda J said...

I love shopping for organizational school's an addiction really!