Monday, January 24, 2011

My Workshop With The Girl Scouts

Last Saturday, I had to the pleasure of hosting a workshop with the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma! They were working toward earning their Penny Power badge!

As a former Daisy, then Brownie, I was so excited to work with these wonderful girls. Here I am with one of the troops.As we talked about their upcoming cookie selling endeavors, I related them to Penny (the character in my book) and how she worked hard to achieve a goal that she set. She too had to raise money, but her goal was to buy the polka dot shoes. We met in the cafe of the Full Circle Bookstore, and I totally failed to take a picture of the setup! (I was too busy checking people in and greeting parents.)I presented for about an hour, covering important topics and cookie selling tips. First, I read my story to them. But, I didn't forget to pull out my signature Storybook Boa (which the girls would later try on) and THE polka dot shoes. I also did two book giveaways and gave each girl a bookmark and one of Meredith's Lucky Pennies. It was a fun morning, and I'm proud of these future leaders for working so hard to earn this badge and achieve their goals.

Thought For the Day: Don't forget to buy lots of Girl Scout cookies this year! These girls AND their parents work really hard.

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Allison White said...

I am a big fan of Girl Scout cookies too. After all they are what opened up my eyes to sales if you know what I mean!!!