Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Good Stuff

Today I found myself listening to Kenny Chesney's song The Good Stuff.

I find it impossible not to get choked up when I hear that song - especially when the old bartender talks about holding his wife's hand when the good Lord "called her up." Waterworks!

I couldn't help but make a list of the good stuff in my own life. Here it is:

- On the monitor, hearing Grayson playing when he's supposed to be sleeping. Although this is quite frustrating, thank God he's there - happy and singing songs for me to hear. Before I know it, he'll be in high school and won't want to come out of his room. -Calling up my sister for no reason, whenever and wherever I want.

-That Joey comes home to me every day after work. (And that Grayson runs outside to greet him because he can't wait to see him after a looong day with his mama and dog-sisters.) -Just going with a pizza instead of making dinner.

-Getting cards in the mail on my birthday.

-When all the laundry is put away!!

-Friendships that stay strong despite time and distance. -Going to church on Sunday with my family.

-Meeting teachers and hugging their students when I get to do author visits.

-That my parents are still together, and that they worked so hard to help put three kids through college and support our dreams. Thought For the Day: What "good stuff" do you have in your life? Take inventory.

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Allison White said...

Mere you should know that you are at the top of my list too!