Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back When I Lived In The White House

When I was a little girl, I lived a house that was white.

I was too young to remember really living there, but a few years later I was old enough to hear my parents refer to it as "the white house."

How was I supposed to know they weren't talking about THE White House?

Little kids are very literal. No? That was just me?

In any event, I specifically remember having an intense discussion one day with a friend. I was in the second grade, and we were sitting in the library. I vaguely recall it going something like this:

Me: Did you know I used to live in the White House?

Dee Ann: No way.

Me: Whuddayou mean "no way"? I really did!

Dee Ann: That's, like, impossible. You're making that up.

Me: No, I'm not! My parents said so. Are you calling them liars? Why would my parents lie?

Dee Ann: Well, I don't know. That's just hard to believe.

Me: Well, I did. You can ask my parents.

Years later, I would lie in bed one night and recall that erroneous claim I had made. But not on purpose!

To this day, when I'm in the area, I pass by that old white house and laugh to myself.

Thought For the Day: When you're around children, be careful how you phrase things. This could have damaging effects on their playground rep.

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Allison White said...

Do you remember dad telling us that there was a man inside our head? Mrs. Knipfer didn't believe me when I told her that the man in my head wasn't working very fast one day. What is it with us believing mom and dad and blowing it while we were in 2nd grade? Oh well. They meant well. Love you!