Monday, January 3, 2011

8 Legs Against 2: An entertaining trip to the vet

This evening, I had the pleasure of taking BOTH of my huge dogs to the vet. (Just paw infections. Don't worry.)

I swear, they are so similar that they even have the same problems at the same time - which makes for an interesting vet bill.

On the way there, Penny Lane and Lucy were jumping around nervously in the back of my Escape. One would have thought my SUV had hydraulics.

As if I weren't already a basket case trying to keep my dogs calm upon arrival, here comes Cat Lady. To put it nicely, my dogs don't care for cats.

Thank God the cat was coned. For all they knew, it was a baby in a costume.

Finally, our names were called. Yes! Now they could get weighed...every girl's favorite thing, right? Lucy was 104. Penny Lane was 129. As in pounds. (So what if she's curvy? Call her big-boned. Call her full-figured. But puh-lease don't use the F word!)

Did I mention they are a lab/great dane mix?

In the little waiting room, I had a nice heart-to-heart with my girls. After all, what else was I going to do with the 45 minutes we were in the small crawl space of a room?

We made the most of it, though. I even took a picture of Penny Lane with a side pony tail!

It turned out they both had infections in their pads. Joey and I are baffled as to how this keeps happening. Allergies? Stress? My Lord, all they do is sleep!!

So, they were prescribed lots of pills. Can you say chi-ching? I mean, really.

An hour and a half later (I could've driven to Tulsa in the time it took my dogs to be seen and released), we checked out. The bill? Just $225.

Okay, girls. You're going to have to go into doggie show biz to pay for these vet trips! Really. Can we get on a Pedigree bag or something?

Thought For the Day: After I made it home, I went to pick up lots of tacos. The point? Rewarding yourself with food isn't always the healthiest choice, but it is the best tasting!

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