Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Don't You...

~Over tip.
~Learn something new. On purpose.
~Stick to a budget.
~Make one of those little finger fortune teller things like back in elementary school. Scratch that. That's just a huge waste of time.

~Read a book (and finish it).
~Send someone a card or letter by snail mail.
~Start keeping a notebook of ideas. You know, so you don't forget them.
~Save your change in a jar throughout next year. Use the money at the end of the year to help with Christmas presents.

~Get your yearly physical. It could save your life.
~Stop withholding compliments for no reason at all. When you think of something nice, say it.
~Watch a classic Hitchcock movie. Dial M For Murder is one I recommend.
~Clean out your car. Let's face it - it's Crumbville and could use a once over with a vacuum. Wait, that's just me?? Well, when you have a 22 month old, nothing is clean.
~Start having a movie night with your family each week.
~Eat tacos every Tuesday. Taco Tuesdays are celebrated by many a household (including mine).

Thought For the Day: Today is just another opportunity to make life interesting.

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