Sunday, December 26, 2010

Super Quote Sunday - "Celebration"

Well, friends, this is the last Super Quote Sunday of the year.

But don't worry!

There will be 52 more weeks ahead in the new year, where you will be inspired, humored or challenged by a new quote.

Today's quote is:

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." ~Thomas J. Peters

What happened in 2010 that you celebrated? Did you celebrate anything at all?

I think that sometimes we forget to celebrate accordingly when something works in our favor or when someone's accomplishments need to be recognized. (Heck, I celebrate when I get an upfront parking place at Target!) Perhaps, too often, we're only looking for the big things to raise our glasses to.

Here are some big and small things that I celebrated in 2010:

Quitting my job to stay at home with my son,

having my book published and embracing authorhood,

having my book included in almost all of the library systems in Oklahoma and in the Dallas Public Library (my goal is to be included EVERYWHERE, but there's only one of me, and Grayson's nap time is only so long each day...),

learning how to be A LOT,

getting over cable-itus and living sans DVR,

making new friends, but keeping the old,

maintaining a strong, united relationship with my husband (can't overlook that),

and watching Grayson learn his ABCs, numbers and colors. You can't forget to celebrate your child's everyday accomplishments as well!

Thought For the Day: What are you planning to celebrate more of in 2011?

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