Monday, December 20, 2010

A Salute To Breathe Right Strips

It has come to my attention (Joey has nudged me WAAAY too many times during sleep) that I am a heavy breather/snorer (I sound like a coffee percolator).

In my defense, I have horrible allergies. For crying out loud - I live in OKLAHOMA CITY. It's so windy here, it's incorporated in the lyrics of our state's song (Oooooooooke - lahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains).

Then again, a famous author should never have to defend herself (famous only to myself and to my dogs, Penny Lane and Lucille).

In any event, it's now a household mandate that I wear Breathe Right Strips.

I considered taking a picture with one on my nose, but that thought passed almost as quickly as Michael Jordan's career in baseball.

You must be on pins and needles wondering if the strips work. The answer? Indubitably!

Do they look sexy when on? About as sexy as Jack Nicholson in a Speedo.

Breathe Right Strips, you may cost me about $10 a month, but you've saved my marriage.

Thought For the Day: Sleep is underrated. Do what you can to get more. (A good start for me would be to get off this blasted computer!)

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