Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Have Something To Say

Hold on. Let me step on my pedestal. (Goodness. This is tricky in heels!)


"Next year is going to be amazing!! My feet will be set upon a rock. The work of my hands will be blessed. My family will walk in the unparalleled blessings of the Lord. Our influence will be multiplied. I will reach too many children to count during my author presentations. I will have more than enough, and give more than I get. I will be presented with opportunities to do things that I've never done."

That's all. You may repeat aloud for yourself.

Thought For the Day: I'm expecting 2011 to be a year to remember, and you should, too. Set your expectations high, and don't look back.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good job! I like your style. Reminds me a bit of my wife. I told her I thought she'd make it to Heaven if she doesn't over-shoot the place. I'll drop by to visit as opportunity presents itself. Of course, you're also welcome at my site: Scripturestudent@wordpress.com