Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Grayson: What I Want My Son To Know

Here's my ongoing list of what I want my son to know for life. You know, in case I forget to tell him.

1. Words matter.
2. And so does the length of your fingernails. Keep 'em short and clean, thank you.
3. You called Barney "Ba Ba," Thomas "Ta Ta," but you always got Elmo right.
4. Never ever lay your money on the counter when paying. Hand it to the person behind the counter. It takes the same amount of effort, and it's not rude this way.
5. Always be the first to introduce yourself to the new kid in class. It's scary being new.
6.Treat women how you would want a man to treat me.
7. Confidence is key. If you have to, fake it until you make it.
8. Never hold a grudge. It only burdens you.
9. No matter what happens in life, never turn your back on God. The Lord gives, and He takes away. We'll get the answers in heaven.
10. Your mom and dad love you more than anything, and you can always count on us.

...Until next time.

Thought For the Day: What do you want your kids to know?

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