Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 Things I Learned In 2010

1. There IS life after cutting the cable. I actually don't know how I got away with watching so much TV in the past.

2. Just when you think it can't get worse, it gets, like, 13,000 times worse.
3. But that's okay. Because you'll rejoice when it's better.
4. Never underestimate the power of the play place. Chick-fil-A, McDonalds...they're all helpful for a post play place nap.
5. Treat your dreams like they are going to happen.
6. I learned that I'm a mama bear. Don't even THINK about messing with a mama bear. She will if you threaten her cubs.

7. Forgiveness means actually forgiving.
8. Life's too short to be offended.
9. Baking is truly economical.
10. Be your biggest cheerleader. But don't forget to be a cheerleader for those around you.

11. Sometimes we get so frustrated waiting on God to change our circumstances, we fail to see that He's waiting on us.

So I listed 11. Big deal.

Thought For the Day: What did you learn this year?

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