Friday, November 19, 2010

There's a Dove That Promotes Reading?

Yes. There is.

But I'm not referring to a white dove that flies. We all know they can't promote literacy - that's bonkers!

I'm not talking about Dove chocolate either.

I'm talking about Dove Science Academy Elementary School in Oklahoma City. And, from what I gathered at my author visit today, the school does a great job promoting literacy - which is glooooorious (said in Oprah voice).

Speaking of Oprah, I missed her Favorite Things episode today. But I digress.I had a wonderful visit with the first graders this morning. I'm dying to share the cute pictures with you, but I am waiting to hear if I CAN. I don't share pictures of children unless they have given me permission. I'll be sure to post them if I get the green light.

The children were an attentive, easy crowd and gave me lots of energy. The girls kept saying, "I like your hair." Which was nice to hear, simply because it was so windy this morning, and I felt like the Flock of Seagulls had styled my hair by the time I scurried into the school's lobby.

Another little girl said I looked like a ladybug. (Well, Meredith, when you wear red and black, you're bringing those comments upon yourself.)

As always, the kid's favorite part was when I pulled out my signature "stylish storybook boa" and life-size polka dot shoes. The looks on their wide-eyed faces prefaced the invested stares they gave me as I read the story of Penny's quest to buy her shoes.

I didn't take it personally either when they used Question Time to brag about the various books they were reading. Another student said, "after the 'legiance (meaning: pledge of allegiance), they tell us to drop everything and read."

Thought For the Day: There's something about a classroom filled with kids that makes you want to change the world.

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