Monday, November 29, 2010

L Is for LollyGag: OMG! I Just Learned Me A Buncha Words!

Have you been scratching your head your whole life whenever people use words like "behoove" or "hornswoggle"? Have you been "bamboozled," but don't even know what it means to BE bamboozled? Then, friend, keep reading.

Alas, there exists a word bible far better than the thesaurus. It's called L Is for LollyGag: Quirky Words for a Clever Tongue by Chronicle Books.

This book is full of interesting facts (did you know that no words rhyme with orange??), kooky illustrations and word definitions. For example, G is for gravy train, M is for malarkey, and R is for rigmarole.

Let me digress. You should know that I'm obsessed with words (my degree is in Communication - the spoken word, and my minor is in Creative Writing - the written word). So, when I found the book at the library, you'd have thought I just purchased the Wonka bar with the last golden ticket.

Okay, maybe the book's not THAT cool. But, it's certainly a fun read that you'll want to re-read.

L Is for LollyGag is for ages 10 and up, but I think it has the same appeal for both kids and adults. You can read the Amazon reviews here.

Thought For the Day: A big vocabulary is not just for the ostentatious, hoity-toity muckety-mucks. Get some moxie and make it a point to learn new words - lickety split!

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robin.munger said...

Reminds me of Joey on Friends and the word of the day toilet paper!! Ha!