Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Do You Define Success?

Perhaps I should wait for Super Quote Sunday to post this, as the question stems from my favorite quote: "There's a difference between stuff and success."I'm curious, though. What makes you consider someone or yourself successful?

I think that, too often, we confuse owning stuff with being successful. Then, we asign worth to the perceived success and subsequently draw our worth from the wrong places.

Are you following me? Am I way off base? Nah. Me? Never.

Unfortunately, society puts so much weight on outward success. For example, does he have the stunning house/luxury car? He must be successful. Does she wear the best clothes/have the best dressed children/own a booming business? She is certainly successful. Sure. These examples reflect monetary success. But that's not where success begins and ends. It's not limited to money, folks.

How's your marriage? Do you foster love, stability and healthy problem-solving skills in your children? Do you contribute to society, cherish and lift up your friends?

I think we should be just as concerned, if not more so, about success in these particular areas of our lives. While money is a necessity, so are healthy, reinforcing relationships and self-perceptions. After all, you can't put a price on a healthy, thriving marriage or a child who is capable of making wise decisions.

Thought For the Day: Start thinking about success in different ways. It doesn't have to always come in obvious, outward packages. It's the DNA of things you can't buy. Feel good about where you are in life and stop letting your circumstances define your success and worth.

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