Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Giving Tree and Me

If you've ever read "The Giving Tree," you will never forget Shel Silverstein's message.

I picked up the book the other day, and it was like experiencing it for the first time...perhaps because it's been like 17 years since I last read it?I don't remember the book affecting me this much the first time around. I mean, a tear almost rolled down my cheek! Literally.

"For the love of God, boy!" I wanted to shout. "Stop taking from the tree, and go hug it already!!"

Geez. People can be so self-involved!!

Then, the thought arose from the mist.

Am I like the boy?


Am I so self-indulgent that I don't see when I take from someone? Whom do I overlook or take for granted?

We've got a real nail-biter of a conversation going on in my head.

I don't think I'm like the boy, but let's get real. I've been the freaking boy (can someone say "college"?)

Who hasn't?


To all you Trees in my life, I'm sorry for taking from you and making it all about me. While I truly work to communicate my gratitude to you all, surely there were times when I could not see that I was focusing more on me than on you and your needs. Can we hug it out? MG.

Thought For the Day: Read this book and put yourself in the shoes of both the boy and the tree...even though trees can't wear shoes.

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