Monday, November 15, 2010

Give a Stocking Full of Literacy

That's right. Get started on your Christmas shopping and purchase a signed copy of Penny and the Polka Dot Shoes, a color-yourself bookmark and a polka dot stocking.Guess what?? Because I love and APPRECIATE my wonderful, loyal readers, no shipping costs are included in the price of $18.99. Just reference the blog so I know.

But wait - there's more. (That's so game show host-ish to say. Yuck).

With every purchase, you are entered to win a foofy, fun and fab tutu for your favorite little princess. With the elastic band, it will fit most any 4-7 year old. I must say, I would wear this if it were...4 sizes bigger than it is. Okay, 5 sizes.

10 sizes?

Thought For the Day: Hooray for giveaways...and presents...and sausage balls! (Which I always make this time of year.)

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