Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why I'm Addressing My Address Book

I love mail. Sending it and receiving it.

Well, the volume of mail I've been receiving lately in connection with my book has increased, which makes me smile and feel lots and lots of joy.

However, I need a good place to keep all these addresses. And my old, vintage-looking address book is...well...looking less vintage and more like something found on the Encino Man's person when unfrozen.

What's more, I'm confident that a large number of people listed have changed addresses. The little book is becoming more of a central storing mechanism for envelopes, cards and loose slips of paper.

Thus, my friends, I think it's time for a new address book. Although, if you have an extra one you'd like to send me, I'll be more than delighted to add YOUR address as the first in my new book. ; )

Thought For the Day: Isn't it funny how we let little things go for a long time, and then - SUDDENLY- we feel a great urge to banish the inconvenience and start anew?

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