Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's On Your Secret List?

You know the list I'm talking about. Your In My Wildest Dreams List. Things that you think might never happen or don't see how they could happen. This disbelief prevents you from actually writing it all down.
Well, I think writing your List down helps spur those things into action.

So, since I'm a huge advocate for writing things down (what a shocker), I finally put my pen to the paper this summer.

I won't share my list with you, but I know that it's all there. I think about it from time to time...wondering what I'd do if those wishes, or dreams, came true.

May I give you a helpful suggestion if you choose to make your List? Don't set yourself up for failure and include things that you truly cannot personally work toward. For example, it might be unrealistic to add something like: To rip Brad Pitt from Angelina's arms and marry him in a castle in Ireland.

Adding things that are closely related to your passion/gifts might be a better start. This could include: Own horses. Write a book. Have 3 kids. Host your own morning show. Have your own jewelry line. Animate a Disney movie. Skydive. Be part of a presidential cabinet. Invent something that changes the world.

I watched Brooke Burke tell Oprah that she made a list like I'm suggesting and included "Host Dancing with the Stars" on it. Now, she's on each week with Tom Bergeron. My point is, who knows what things are possible when we let ourselves be vulnerable enough to release (or disclose) a dream or vision in our lives.

You just have to reeeally want it, be willing to actually do it, then release it.No matter what you add to your List, or if anything ever comes to fruition, I believe it takes a brave person to dream big.

Thought For the Day: Write down your list today. Keep it where only you can access it if it's really personal. Often, I've found that by merely writing down my hopes or goals, I will naturally work to see them pass. Perhaps you will, too.

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robin.munger said...

I LOVE this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I am going to take your advice :)

Meredith Garrett said...

Thanks, Robin! I felt ridiculous/liberated when I wrote down some of my items. But they didn't belong in my head anymore. They needed to be where I could see them.