Thursday, October 14, 2010

Want To Sound Smarter?

Okay, okay. Before you lose interest, let me tell you that it's "cool" to know big words (as long as you don't try and speak above everyone's level of comprehension all the live long day).

One of my favorite books is the Thesaurus. So, I thought I would spread the word. Literally.

What? Not funny?

(Shrug.) I tried.

Perfunctory (adj): characterized by routine or superficiality. Mechanical. Lacking interest or enthusiasm. Casual. Uninterested.

Used in a sentence: The professor's response was quite perfunctory when asked about his passion for teaching.

Extemporaneous (adj): composed, performed or uttered on the spur of the moment. Without preparation. Impromptu.

Used in a sentence: Caught by surprise, the violinist had to perform an extemporaneous solo.

Thought For the Day: I always cringe when I tell people to have a "good" day. There are so many better words to use!! But, if I were to tell someone to have a "fulfilling" day or a "productive" day, it gets sticky. So, I always stick with "good." Sigh.

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