Friday, October 15, 2010

How Did My Week End?

This week was a satisfying week with no real bumps in the road.

I even made time to treat my favorite horses, Arrow and Coco, to some tasty carrots. (Well, tasty to THEM. I prefer mine in ranch dressing, thank you.)

These particular horses roam in a smaller, unhoused field in a neighborhood near Oklahoma City.

Arrow and Coco are strikingly gentle and gallop to me in all their majestic horse-glory (like right out of a movie).

Joey and I took Grayson to the park this Friday evening to have some family fun (and also wear him out so he would fall asleep more quickly and we could have a mini date night in front of the TV).

Mission accomplished.

Spending time as a family at our park was a meaningful way to punctuate the end of our week.

No frills. Just us and the brightly colored park.

Thought For the Day: I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Drop back by for Super Quote Sundays. ; )

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