Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Gut Feeling

I have a feeling in my gut. It's called pain.

Since yesterday, I've had the worst pain in my intestines and it hurts! WAHH!

And remember that long TDL I mentioned on Monday? I'm not so much crossing things off of it as I am adding more things to the list.

Laundry? Forgetaboutit.

Exercising? I can hardly walk. Fortunately, Grayson isn't being too much of a bobcat around here - although he is completely obliviously to my moans and disheveled hair.

You're probably wondering what is going on. Well, join the club!

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a spring in my step. Then, at about 10:15, it hit me. Pain all through my middle. Sudden bloating like you wouldn't believe. I actually cried. I even called Joey to come home from work and take care of Grayson.

Fast forward to the doctor visit. The doctor I go to is always accurate, so when he told me I just had a virus, I believed him.

He said my intestines were loud and moving around nonstop (thus the pain).

He also advised me to eat a bland diet for the next few days. I said, "So...you're telling me I can't have the Frito chili pie I'm craving so badly?" You know the answer.

I'm on day 2 of this virus that is supposed to last 5 days, and I'm very ready to feel better. I will be quite upset if I have to miss my high school reunion this Saturday, as I am anxious to spend time with some close friends.

But right now, I look and feel like I'm 5 months pregnant. I mean, the bloating is heinous.

Thought For the Day: WAAAHHH!

Second Thought For the Day: Cherish your health. There are few things more valuable.


robin.munger said...

OMG girl! I'm so sorry! Hope you feel better soon!!!

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