Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guess Who Finally Got Her Carpet Installed?

That would be me, thank you very much (although, I still need need to replace the baseboards).
Remember my post from 3 weeks ago about the AC leak in Grayson's room? I'm sorry I've left you guessing about the subsequent measures we took to identify mold and replace carpet in two rooms, but there was nothing to report. We didn't have the best experience with a CERTAIN hardware store. And after charging $400 on our card there, we still had to pay Tino's crew $100 in cash to get the job done. Let's just say this resulted in a very direct exchange between my husband and the unhelpful, perfunctory man at the store. Soooooooo.

We embraced the fact that Bubba finally had a fully carpeted NEW room (for all you readers who didn't catch that first post but feel sorry that you missed out, we had to switch our son's room to the playroom).

The good news is, we had fun sprucing up his wall decorations and adding new pictures. I even made a ball wall (get your mind out of the gutter).

Small TV to replace the boombox once we get a cable hooked up.

AND, we gave him a little toy slide (thanks sis) to celebrate this new room finale. He was so excited!! Which made us so excited!! Yay for new carpet and fun decorating!

Now I'm ready to relax. Until I move on to the next TDL item.

Thought For the Day: I suppose periodic chaos is acceptable when you know there will be a delightful, healthy ending.

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