Monday, September 6, 2010

Whose Boppy Is It Anyway?

Boppies are great. In fact, my black lab, Lucy, couldn't agree more.

I have to wash it all the time now, but it's hard to get mad at her when it makes her so happy.

Lucy has taken my son under her wing (or is it "paw"?), which makes me smile. When Grayson is older, I want his childhood memories to include our dogs. Instilling in him this love for animals is important to me and my husband.

By the way, I don't normally let Grayson run around shirtless. He spilled water on his shirt, so I took it off and he laid down.

Thought For the Day: Don't forget to capture your child's relationship with your family pet(s). These memories will be meaningful later in life.


Amanda J said...

Love these pictures!

Joey Garrett said...

Sure you don't, then why do we call him shirtless? ;)