Saturday, September 18, 2010


While I like to cheer on and support the OSU Cowboys, today I must wear my blue and gold and root for TU.

And yes, this is my actual ID from my freshman year.

May I mention that anyone who chooses to attend TU is automatically 65% more awesome than they already were? Really.

TU is 88th among national doctoral universities in U. S. News & World Report's 2010 edition of America's Best Colleges. Among private schools listed in the top 100, TU ranked 50th in the 2010 guidebook.

My time at The University of Tulsa was extremely memorable. Not only did I meet my husband there, it is where I wrote my children's book, "Penny and the Polka Dot Shoes."

As creative writing was my minor, I took writing courses that were lead by talented professors - one of whom allowed me the opportunity to participate in his weekly writing group outside of class. This group boasted some amazing writers such as S.E. Hinton (who is truly gifted). I remember showing them all the original "Penny and the Polka Dot Shoes" with hopes that they would like it.

In college, I had THE most fun being involved in my sorority, Chi Omega. Yet, I took my education very seriously and actually made the Dean's Honor Roll 50% of the four years I was there.

Hey- that sense of pride is required when I look at my student loan bills each month. I only have about $17,000 left to go. Hip, hip, hooray!!!

Student loans aside, I will proudly endorse TU any chance I can get.

TU may not have the best football team in the state, but the beautiful campus, cohesive student life and incredible education offered far exceeds any other school in my biased opinion.

Thought For the Day: I have to be loyal and shout, "Go TU! Let's be victorious today!!!"